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About Cactifi


It started with a need.

We love our home. We spend most of our time at home between sleeping, eating, hanging out, and working. Living in the city and spending most of our time at home, we lost sight of nature and all its beauty. We missed the fresh air you get when you are hiking in a forest, and the beautiful green color of plants as the sun shines on them, and even the smell of earth as the water evaporates from the soil. We needed to bring nature into our home, we needed better air and more tranquility in our home. That's when we started using plants to invigorate our living and work space.

Then became an obsession.

It's no exaggeration to say that plants became an obsession very quickly. We realized how therapeutic taking care of plants is. And how plants brought life and peace into our space. The air felt more fresh inside our home and we were able focus more in our office space. We started with a Snake plant, ZZ plant, Pothos, and a Calathea. Our love for plants grew quickly, and so did our collection. We then got a fiddle leaf fig trees, African mask plants, Hoya, Rubber plants, Pinkstripe Calatheas, Philodendrons, String of pearl, Neon pothos, String of turtles, and the list goes on. 

Then transformed into a Mission!

We loved our urban jungle, we enjoyed the journey and wanted to guide more people through this journey. Why not make plant shopping more convenient? Why not have plant care education and shopping in one place? And this is when Cactifi came into the picture. We are on a mission to grow Cactifi into an online experience that allows our community to both shop for plants and learn about how they can better care for them. We are committed to helping people on their plant parenting journey, which is why we promise to respond to any questions within 24 hours. We also want to make it convenient and affordable for our community to get their indoor plant babies, which is why we are offering fast & free shipping on all orders! You don't have to break the bank in order to turn your home into a beautiful greenhouse.