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7 Ways to Keep Your Pets Away From Your Plants

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Plant parents usually struggle with keeping their fur babies away from their houseplants. Keeping your pets away from your plants is important for both your pets and plants health. Most plants are toxic or might cause mild irritation if consumed by your pets. In this article we will cover some techniques to keep both your plants and pets safe.

  1. The power of Citrus

You can use citrus fruits to keep your pets away from your plants. Most cats dislike the scent of citrusy fruits like lemons and oranges. You can spray your plants with diluted lemon juice and leave the lemon skin in the pot to deter your pets away from your plants

      2. Garlic

Try adding peeled garlic cloves and garlic skins in the pots. Our pets have a much stronger sense of smell than we do, this is why they will find the smell of garlic very irritating if it is placed around your plants.

     3. Aluminum

Wrap Aluminum foil around your plants pots. The shine and texture of the foil seems to deter some pets away from plants.

     4. Limit access

The most straightforward way to keep your pets away from your plants is by making them inaccessible. These are some ways to limit access to your plants:

  • Use macrame or shelves to hang your plants in higher places where they cannot be reached
  • Designate a room that has all your plants and make it out of reach to your pets 
        5. Provide alternatives

  • You can easily divert your cats away from your plants by offering other plants that are more appealing to them within the area where you keep your plants. Having catnip or cat grass will give your cat other options for things to nibble on.

         6. Train your pet

    A technique that worked for us with simply training our cat. We would whistle, clap, or even firmly command our cat every time she would approach the plants. If you follow this behavior for a couple of months, your pet will eventually understand that these plants are not to be messed with.

         7. Pet-friendly plants

    If all else fails, you can always opt for pet-friendly plants that are non-toxic to your pets and won’t harm them in any way. There is a broad collection of plants that are safe for your fur-babies that you can find here.

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